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A holistic approach to wellness

Nearing Nirvana strives to help people embrace their struggles to reveal the light that shines brightly within. Our full assortment of wellness solutions will empower you on your journey of holistic health. Everyone’s journey toward Nirvana is unique, and the products you put into your body should be too.

We will work with you to discover the treatments, superfoods, and supplements that will help pave your personal path to holistic wellness.

Jumpstart your journey to Nirvana with:

Solutions, not gimmicks.

At Nearing Nirvana, we pride ourselves in our perspective that total body health should be a collection of positive changes and decisions, not gimmicks. We offer solutions that we believe can aid in delivering relief for an abundance of ailments, from anxiety to chronic pain management.

We only sell what we use during our own road to holistic health, and we believe in providing our customers with products and prices that fit every lifestyle.

Nirvana is a journey, not a destination.

Living a full life is all in the details, and our products are small steps to assist you with the work you’re doing to brighten your own light. Enjoy the road to wellness with Nearing Nirvana.

Every Journey to Nirvana Starts with the Self.

After suffering a severe car accident that left him bed-ridden for nearly six months, Patrick Murphy began to focus inward to discover how he could take steps to create a healthier lifestyle that would improve his sense of being from the inside out. Poor eating habits, bouts of depression, and sheer exhaustion led Patrick to a place of self-reflection that inspired him to put in the work to reignite his own body, mind, and soul.

Patrick dove deeply into wellness research, from nutrition to fitness and mental health to discover holistic ways he could increase his energy, lower his stress, and spark that light everyone has within themselves. Once he learned how natural solutions such as yoga, superfood supplements, and CBD oil could transform his sense of self, Patrick wanted to share these life-changing methods with those around him. Out of recharge, recovery, and rediscovery, Nearing Nirvana was born.

Pat then partnered with Jared, who believed in Pat's vision and brought a a wealth of experience, with both starting and running new businesses. Finally, Giuseppe joined, bringing both his business skills and knowledge to what you see today: a company that believes holistic health is so important, and that customers come first. Join the guys in their journey.

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