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January 25, 2019


Hello everyone,
I’m sure many of you have heard of CBD for humans, but did you know that CBD is for pets as well?
I’m specifically talking about our cats, and dogs. They seem to respond even better to CBD than people!

For me, it is hard to see my pet in pain. They can tell you they don’t feel well in so many ways, but they just can’t verbalize it, and I can’t explain to them that I am trying my best to make them feel better. The medication from the vet can be ineffective and expensive, and all they seem to do is sleep when taking it. Well, CBD is a great alternative to have for them, doesn’t require a trip to the vet, and often works better than what the vet would give you. It is very important to make sure the “CBD” you are giving them is pure, and contains no THC. Our formulation is pure CBD with no other additives or binders. It is tasteless, and can easily be added to your pets’ food or favorite treats.


Dexter, our 9 year old Rottie, is a giant teddy bear. His hips and low back give him pain. Now that we add CBD to his food, he runs around like he is a 4 year old. It is believed that CBD works naturally to relieve both pain and inflammation.


We at Nearing Nirvana LOVE our 2 cats and dog, and we know how much you love your pet. You can read further about how CBD affects animals and how much to start giving your cat or dogĀ here.






Ching Pea and Liam “the cat” don’t take CBD, but I have to include them in this post, and say that many people have told me CBD works wonders for their cat. Many users have reported this is especially effective for anxiety and pain.

Ching Pea approves of this post, and she says to get your all natural CBD pet tincture here.

Thanks for reading,



* The statements above are anecdotal, this product has not been proven to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition.

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